Fog surrounds,

its mist dank and cloying,

wilting the spirit,

spreading malaise,

bringing wisps of memory~

times best forgotten.




Sacred Spaces

The sacredness of:

a baby’s tender skin,

a windy mountain peak,

the smell of the ocean,

the eyes of a lover,

a dark, starry sky~

each brings heaven to earth.


Fool’s Errand

I walked through the river,

stubbornly plowing

through ankle deep water,

unwilling to admit,

the error of my ways,

afraid to look foolish~

instead I’m the fool,

who refused to admit,

my mistake.


The life we take for granted

A fragile thing

we hold in our hands,

often taken for granted:

that we will wake up in the morning,

grab a shower, gulp the coffee,

fight rush hour to work,

until our innocence is shattered,

and we are reminded,

that our world can be shattered,

in a hailstorm of bullets.



Perched in regal splendor

on the balcony rail,

the opsrey

stares through the glass,

spying kitty

staring back.


In Today’s News

While the firecrackers sizzled,

and distracted the crowd,

the jester stole

the king’s crown,

and went to war

with a madman.



Just a reminder:
  • Freedom of Religion.
  • Freedom of Speech.
  • Freedom of the Press.
  • Freedom to Assemble Peaceably.
  • Freedom to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances.
This is what we believe.
This is what we’ve fought to defend.