I March

Bitter tears of shame,

I cry,

for failing to stop

this unholy train,

of greed and apathy,

failing to protect our children,

unable~ unwilling to fight

for their innocence,

we read another newstory,

we send thoughts and prayers

cry a few tears and forget,

until it happens again,

now unable to look away,

it’s in our faces every day,

it is never too late

to find the courage~

to speak, to demand, to fight,

for change,

for lives~

I march.



Free Fall

Free fall,

from my pillow to the stars~

I’m a child again,

running through a field of buttercups,

lying on cool grass,

counting fireflies lighting up the sky,

floating down a river just before dawn,

my paddle slicing the silver water,

opening my eyes to the sun,

streaming through my window,

back in my middle-aged body,

counting the hours until

I escape again.


Greatest Gifts

Give away all you have been given,

before your last breath,

give away not just possessions,

give Love,

peace, understanding,

kindness, compassion,

mercy, empathy, and justice,

as these gifts are more valued

than any material object

you leave behind.



Soul Connection

The connection between souls

is real,

it cannot be explained,

or broken.

We meet many people.

We love many others,

but there are, in life,

a few

who are different.

We connect in mind and soul.

It is a precious gift,

to find,

one perfect shell

in a beach littered with

broken pieces.



Cowboy Boots


I will pull on my cowboy boots,

and pin up my hair,

I’ll walk myself to your place,

and kick you to the curb.



Empty yourself of all

preconceived ideas,

we want clean slates on this adventure,

pack lightly,

leave all the heavy baggage behind,

be open to all possibilites,

take my hand,

close your eyes,

let us begin




we uproot ourselves

from the familar,

and we are transfigured

into something else~

something beautiful,

something magical~

sometimes we are chosen

or we are forced to change

by our circumstances.


She sat at the table,


and peeled an orange,

the scent,

tangy and sharp,

erased the odor

of his cheap cologne