Osprey perches

on balcony rail,

body still,

eye roving,

as his gaze

sweeps across the river,

looking for his lunch.




The wind whines~

it pulls,

and pushes

chairs around the deck,

sending ripples across the

aqua pool water.


Wild Flowers

Hot pink, burnt orange,

and bright yellow blossoms,

arranged in a blue mason jar,

bring sunshine and a smile

to my face.




Perched around the pool

every weekend,

like fat, noisy seagulls,

loud and lazy,

contributing nothing,

taking up space.


Looking for Love


He seduced her

with sweet talk

and tater tots at Sonic,

she told them

a swarthy Greek

was madly in love,

as she clocked out of her shift,

and jumped into his car,

heading to paradise.


Poetry in Motion

Anonymous poet

pins a homemade

book of poetry,

to a bright green traffic cone,

hoping someone on the bridge

will discover their prose


Sunday, Sunday

In the foreground a rower,

slicing silently through the glass surface of the river

as the sun peeks over the horizon- Sunday morning



Paddling along the river,

fins appear

to the left and right

of the board,

as dolphins race

under the bridge.


Summer Storm

Gray clouds

heavy with rain,

race across the water,

wind pushes nature’s curtain

closer to shore,

the smell of wet soil

rising from the grass~ summer storm