Train Schedules

The train whistle

reminds me~

that time is measured,

in miles traveled

and schedules kept,

time, like the train

waits for no one.



Air rattles

through rusted pipes,

gurgling, churning liquid

splashing around,

like clothes in a washing machine:

the sound of my lungs

struggling to breathe.


No good deed

goes unpunished:

I let you inch out

of your parking space,

waited patiently

as your crept along

ten miles below

the speed limit,

sitting behind you

at yet another

traffic light

you’ve managed to catch

on this morning’s commute


Party Time

The Nobodies

are having a party

down by the pool,

they slide chairs across the deck,

flip chaises over

and push tables aside,

they howl and shriek loudly,

through cracked windows,

and bang the door

on the way out.



Blue-gray clouds,

rumble and roll,

moving quickly,

exposing veins

of hot, white light,

a quick flash,

before the sky returns

to darkness.


Daily Commute

Daily commute~

shoot out of the garage,

vaulted into the hectic zoom

cars with determined drivers,

desperately clutching the steering wheel

with steely determination

to get there first~

the reality hits

like a hard fist to the gut,

why are we in such a hurry

to go nowhere?


Bird Calls

Birds are busy this morning~

no time for lazy soaring,

or catching warm updrafts,

no time for singing,

got to grab that early worm,

no time for gossiping

on the telephone line,

hurry, hurry, they shriek

to one another,

as the first, fat drops,

strike their wings.



‘Gonna rain~

sky is bleak,

Air is sticky

birds grow silent,

the world is still,

waiting for the first drops to fall