Boat Parade

Little boats zoom,

sailboats glide,

water taxi chugs

up and down the river

on a warm, spring day.



Peace and Quiet

It’s the last quiet weekend,

before the pool opens,

I cherish the silence


Staring at the Past

The face in the mirror~

some distant relative

I am jolted into recognition,

that this is who

I have become~

one of the faces,

from a long ago

black and white photo


Heart Aches


after hurling

hurtful words,

is like stirring

a teaspoon of sugar,

into a glass of saltwater.



Swimming upstream,

fighting the current,

for what?

to be swept back

to where I began,

stop fighting

what can’t be won,

and surrender


Birds of a Feather

A little sparrow

flying high,

alights on the rail

ignoring the cat,

sings hello.


Two mockingbirds

argue as they chase

one another across the sky,

one flies into my nest

high above,

startling me, scolding me,

as it changes its flight pattern



We creep into the darkness,

lighting candles,

chanting and singing,

until the stars fade,

pink light appears on the horizon,

oh happy day!

the sun has risen.


Your Charm

The scent of blooming things:

shrubs and grasses

that have no particular beauty,

in summer, fall, or winter,

become lush~

ripe with blossoms

that fill spring evenings

with a deep perfume,

how clever you are,

to disguise your beauty,

so we appreciate your

bursts of splendor.

©annettealaine 2018


To empty ourselves-

to release

the heavy burden

of our anger, sadness, fear,

with a scream,

or a torrent of tears,

leaves us raw, empty,

and strangely sated,

souls pure again,

poisonous thoughts released