Walking along the riverbank

two dolphins rise up in the air,

touch noses and spin around

creating a huge splash

as the disappear

beneath the murky water


Another Gray Morning

Every day I hope,

that I might see sparks of color

behind closed eyelids,

to feel warmth  on my face,

to hear birds chirping as they fly

through the bright, blue sky,

then I open my eyes,

to gray clouds,

and feel the mist,

kiss my face,

sighing as rain,

beats a tattoo

on my umbrella.





We toss the word around,

without thought~

the deed,

the courage,

the selflessness,

that comes from

true heroes~

who believe

in the greater good,

standing up for injustice,


reminding us~

Love wins over hate.

Requiesce in pace:

Ricky John Best

Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche


Shaken, Not Stirred

Came home to find

the cat~

head deep in a jar of olives,

he looks up,

whiskers dripping briny liquid,

queen olive in his teeth,

gin bottle close by…



I think,

I’ve sprung a leak~

the creative juice

that keeps my pen moving,

has trickled out,

leaving behind~

a dry husk.