Bar Fly

Miss Lonelyheart regrets,

she cannot dine with you,

she is sitting at the bar alone,

drinking her vodka neat,

waiting for the band

to play her song.


A Penny Saved

Picking up the pennies

lying spent in the aisle,

he looked at me

with rheumy eyes,

and searched the bus

for more loose change.


Fantasy Island

When he exclaimed:


we got off~

no paradise found,

just another sterile

place to wait

(and that’s why this post is late!)


A Sailor Went to Sea

Sailor leans forward,

seabag at his side,

gaze fixed on the river,

waiting for his ship to come in.


Black Bird

A crow flew by

my balcony

perched up high,

I watched him soar

past my chair,

as he looked me in the eye.



Mud churned

a brown cloud

that swept along the surface

a wide tail is visible,

as water gently bubbles~

young manatee

meanders along the river.


Rite of Spring

No eggs to boil,

no impatient fingers,

dipping into

chipped mugs

filled with colored water,

dripping orbs

of deep purple,

bright orange,

or turquoise blue,

three excited faces,

long grown and gone.


Train Schedules

The train whistle

reminds me~

that time is measured,

in miles traveled

and schedules kept,

time, like the train

waits for no one.