Begin Again

I was done~

but the tiny flame flickered,

it could not be extinguished,

insistent as a baby seeking the breast,

I pick up the pen

and start again.





I’ve been hibernating~

cold weather has kept me indoors,

and all I want to do is break free~

to walk along the wide river,

and absorb the sounds of the city waking up.

Sometimes I hibernate~

when my world feels too big~

and all I want to do is to huddle in my rooms,

like a turtle retreating into its shell.


Lost and Found

Did I lose myself

or just change shape

like milk to fill the glass?

One day I decided

to be the glass,

no longer the milk.

Now I am transformed

into something

solid and strong.


One Winter Morn

Milky light filters

through high clouds,

white ribbons wind

through gray water,

sea birds glide

through frothy bubbles

that float along the river~

one winter morning.





Brown foam,

skims along the river’s surface

frothy bubbles,

that lift and settle

as north winds blow.


Winter Sky

Winter sky~

blue gray clouds

blanket the sky,

pale lozenge of yellow

cannot breach the cold, damp wind

as I walk along the river.



Little sea bird

dives and swoops,

the osprey glides on undeterred,

carrying dinner

in his clawed feet.



Baby, it’s Warm Outside

Two days before the start of winter,

we shed the winter clothes,

stroll around in shorts and flip-flops,

the sun nipping at our nose.



Christmas Past

Fragile handblown glass,

jeweled colors

and faded etchings

found in someone’s attic,

each box filled with memories,

of Christmas past.


Writer’s Bloat

I think,

I fume,

I ruminate,

I ponder~

I don’t write

all these swirling thoughts down,

writer’s block-

or writer’s bloat?