No Fishing

Casting his line

with impunity,

his bait secure on the hook,

standing next to the sign~

no fishing from the bridge




He shuffles along in the early light

dressed in layers despite the summer sun,

lifting lids~

poking the trash inside,

looking for something

to make his day worthwhile




They sit on the bench

some distance apart,

her body turned,

chin in hand

as he reaches across the divide

she cuts her eyes

and he withdraws~

both gazing at the bubbling water

called Friendship Fountain.


Spring Dream

I was dreaming,

of crystal, clear waters of the spring,

where I went as a child~

ice cold water and sandy bottoms

where little fish nibbled on your toes.

©annettealaine 2017


Morning Observations

Fluffy clouds

sail across blue skies,

egrets perch on river rocks

ducks skim the water’s smooth surface,

creating a circle of ripples

as they dive for fish~

morning walk along the river.