Soup’s On

Wind and rain~

north winds blow,

damp chills the bones,

soup perfumes the air~

a comforting scent of warmth



Country Mouse/City Mouse

Deep quiet of the suburbs:

sounds of songbirds and squirrels

burying acorns,

in contrast to my city life:

train whistles,

and boats churning water

against the bulkhead,

as the drawbridge sounds the horn,

and begins to rise.


Sycamore Leaves

Spent leaves,

releasing the scent of a memory:

burrowing deep

in a pile of sycamore leaves,

warmed by the late autumn sun.



Move On

I left the past

tucked deep in the closet,

back at the place we shared long ago,

confident and secure

until that satchel filled with pain,

appears on my doorstep:

the unwelcome guest

I did not expect.

Young Selves

Times long gone,

recalled in one evening

over wine and laughter,

memories suddenly sharp and clear,

peering past the tiny wrinkles,

to rediscover two young faces.