Autumn of Life

One of my favorite writer-bloggers, Katrina Kenison wrote a lovely piece about October days this morning. It made me reflect on my own memories:

After forty years in Florida, I still long for Autumn. I miss its golden beauty, its smells of apples, bonfires and crunchy leaves. The sounds of geese honking and leaves skittering across the lawn.
As our nest emptied this fall, I realized our Autumn is upon us. Though I miss my children- their small selves, this time of year, I relish this new beginning.



2 thoughts on “Autumn of Life

  1. I’m very lucky, living in Norwich (UK) where the leaves are slowly turning a flaming red, the light is softening, and the air is becoming colder and crisper.

    Like you, I love autumn. In fact, it’s my favourite season. For me, it has always represented a beginning, in keeping with the academic year in the Northern Hemisphere.

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