It’s Time

I’m occupying

my own little corner of the world,

doing my job,

trying to make a small difference,

while trying not to take up too much space,

on this crowded planet,

but I can’t keep my head down,

when humans continue

to play God,

deciding who is expendable,

acting out of fear and anger,

because no matter who we are,

or how small a space we occupy,

one by one we need to stop talking,

and start showing through our actions,

that we care.



5 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. Yes! Yes! and Yes!
    Two nights ago, someone set fire to a Romanian food shop in Norwich. Many people suspect it’s post-Brexit result xenophobia. In just a few hours, £25K was raised to help the owner and her family. The town rallied in support. This morning, a crowd gathered outside the shop and pinned paper hearts with messages of solidarity and support to the plywood board that stands in lieu of smashed glass front. I pinned one too. It felt like such a small, insignificant gesture – but better than doing nothing.

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