Lessons from the Universe

I walked down the lane to get the mail head down, lost in thought. My was filled with the chatter of things to do. I was startled out of my reverie by the sight of a large object taking to the air in a loud fluttering of wings.

A hawk had been resting on the wooden farm fence, looking for an afternoon snack. So close, and I had missed him. I kicked myself for not paying closer attention. The universe sternly rebuked me.

The hawk sat on a telephone wire and regarded me with a baleful eye.

Be mindful, slow down, pay attention it seemed to say. I gave gave the hawk a reverent nod as it soared off over the tree tops.

Be mindful, slow down and pay attention to the world.

©annettealaine 2015


One thought on “Lessons from the Universe

  1. I was halfway down our (admittedly long) driveway before I noticed Mr Moose standing on our side lawn, munching the new grass & eyeing me peacefully. In my defense, I’d only had one small sip of coffee at that point.

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