Trophy Room

We ascended the stairs of the magnificent portico,

the massive door opened with a smile,

please come in and admire at our glorious menagerie,

we gazed in horror upon the spoils of an African Safari~

a giraffe’s noble head mounted in the corner,

antelope horns adorned the walls,

and the pièce de résistance:

a photo of the woman posing proudly with her kill~

the zebra’s head now gazing across her dining room table.

©annettealaine 2015


2 thoughts on “Trophy Room

    • actually, no. The story behind the trophy room is that my husband and I went on a historic home tour yesterday, and this house was on the tour. We walked in and that poor giraffe, gorgeous beast with his tongue curling around his lips is staring at us from the corner. We glanced quickly around and the whole damn first floor was filled with animal heads and horns. When we saw the photo of the owner standing proudly beside the her zebra kill (head placed next to the photo,) we very loudly expressed our displeasure and walked out.

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