Pietá: A Mother’s Lament

I was asked by my husband to create a poem for his new choral composition: Miserere, a meditation on the passion and death of Christ. My poem  based on the Pietà, by Michelangelo. I studied many depictions of  Mary’s sorrow to capture the mood. As a mother, I could feel Mary’s raw grief in the moment her child, now lifeless, was placed in her arms. 
The attachment is the adaptation of my words for the choral piece. The poem is in a separate post because wordpress will not allow me to create any space between the text and poem. Miserere will premiere March 22, 2015. Many thanks to my husband, composer Bob Moore, for giving me an opportunity to create and collaborate with him.
Words ©annettealaine 2015
Music © Bob Moore 2015

2 thoughts on “Pietá: A Mother’s Lament

  1. I can feel so much pain and anguish in your words, Annette. It’s a message any mother can clearly identify with if it happened to our child. . . .I like your little story behind the words. . . .

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