Friday the 13th

I dropped the salt shaker this morning,
but left a small pile of crystals on the tablecloth
because I don’t believe~ in silly superstitions.

The black cat who ran across the street in front of my car,
did not give me pause,

The young man who opened his umbrella
inside Starbucks brought gasps from others,
but I moved past him without another thought,

I stepped boldly under the ladder
extended above the door to my office,
as others refused to cross beneath,

But it was the mirror that sent me straight home,
cowering under the covers,
wishing this Friday the 13th would end,

I  glanced at my reflection,
as I hung up my coat, and took off my hat,
for under my jaunty beret,
was a nest of hot rollers forgotten in my hair~

I shrieked loudly,
the mirror cracked~
and the rest is superstition…

©annettealaine 2014


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