Simple Shift

All writers with day jobs and other distractions can relate! I certainly can.


I never really have writer’s block (yes, I just stopped to knock on wood).

It’s not that I can’t find words, or I don’t have ideas.  There are times I will work my characters into a corner and they will turn, look at me, and say, “What know, genius?”, but for the most part I slowly back us out and things start to flow again.

The issue I have is being in the world of my book, then having to leave, and then getting back in, about a dozen times a day.  It drives me nuts.  I want to go to my world and stay there until the story is rich and blooming and finished.  I don’t want interruptions, I don’t want to have to stop and remember that I’m Tracy and it’s past time to shower.  If I’m on the roof of The Saint Regis Hotel in San Francisco during…

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