Peace is what I crave~
I stretch, I breathe,
I meditate,

Then sit at the dinner table
and hear about 
the small injustices, that my chicks endure:

Waiting around three weeks
for the powers that be, 
to decide whether to pay 
him for the job promised
while he has no income coming in,

I’m suddenly filled with
rage against the damned machine 
of human stupidity and graceless people
to leave him dangling while they push papers 
and ask questions that have already been answered,
over and over again…

The other child reveals
classrooms created in an ancient gym~
Florida humidity is no match for the 
giant fans that do not cool,
while three hundred kids are trying
to learn math, science and history
crammed into tiny cubicles
and the principal smiles for the tv cameras
and tells parents that this will not effect 
our student’s learning…

And I breathe~
and repeat to myself
give peace a chance.

©annettealaine 2014


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