Stop, Listen What’s that Sound…

Cheep, cheep,
chirp, chirp,
caw, caw caw~

Cardinal and Mockingbird,
chase three crows away
from their precious nests.

annettealaine 2014


3 thoughts on “Stop, Listen What’s that Sound…

    • Very nice, Ron.
      I had a front row seat a few days ago to the mobbing. I’ve watched Mockingbirds dive bomb humans and cats getting too close for comfort, but the cardinal’s behavior was new. I’ve never seen a male Cardinal so aggressive. It’s a regular wild kingdom in my backyard.

  1. Annette, I’ve seen squirrels harass Blue Jays, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Crow get bullied. I’m so used to them being the “tough guys.” Nice poem. It gives me a different POV, that’s for sure. : )

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