The Hawk

As I walked along the wooded path,

mentally dragging my feet~

because it was a beautiful day.

The cool breeze from the river was full of the scent of jasmine.

The trees arching over my head provided a sunshade as I dallied.

I didn’t relish returning to my desk~ to deadlines, to chaos, and stress.


As I walked along the wooded path, 

the river came into view~

calm, blue water, dappled in sunlight.

I sighed, closed my eyes,

and tipped back my head

to catch the warm sun on my face.

I heard a strange chirping sound,

that caused my eyes to open and spy,

a hawk sitting on a low branch.

I stood still and something in its manner 

encouraged me to say, “hello”

Normally hawks fly away at the slightest whiff of human,

but this particular hawk continued to stay rooted on its perch.

Again, I spoke,

“you are quite beautiful,

are you here for a reason?’

The hawk then turned its head and cocked its eye 

staring directly at me for the first time.

We stared at each other for a long moment,

each taking some measure of the other,

and then its wings spread,

and the bird took flight,

soaring up to catch the warm air current,

turning a lazy circle in the sky above my head,

before he disappeared into the meadow.

©annettealaine 2014



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