Reflections on the Performance of Someday


It’s hard to describe the depth of my feelings over the past three days.

To my partner and my husband, the gifted composer of this beautiful piece, Bob Moore. He gave me the opportunity to write about something that touched me deeply. He took my words and wove the emotion of my words with his beautiful music. Most of all, he turned the spotlight on me with a pride that moved me to tears. I am blessed and grateful to be married to such a generous, talented, and loving man.

Mr. Jacob Rothman is a very talented young man, with a bright future. He sang the words of my poem with beauty. His voice was a perfect blend of passion and poignancy. Blessings on him taking on this performance with such zeal and respect for the history.

I had goosebumps and tears each time Jake opened his mouth and my words flowed. What an experience.
Writing on a blog is pretty much creating in a vacuum. It’s hard to gauge whether or not you are reaching people. I am humbled and filled with joy that so many people spoke to me after the concert about how much my words touched them.

It was an honor to be a part of this celebration. Walking through the Civil Rights exhibit on Saturday, I was moved several times to tears, as I stood before the Woolworth’s lunch counter, the large photos of the beach scene, and looking at Martin Luther King Jr’s fingerprints taken at the St. Augustine Jail. The music and my words kept running through my head as I looked through the exhibit. I hope this music finds its way into everyone’s heart.

©annettealaine 2014


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