Marching Towards the Light~ June 1964

On a hot night in June,
they marched.

Marching towards the light,
marching to the freedom,
they were promised long ago.

Linking arms they marched,
black and white,
enslaved and free,
Jew and Christian,
young and old.

Marching to the place where they were once enslaved,
they would not be swayed,
they would march into the crowd of hate filled eyes.

No more casting eyes downward,
no more bowing and scraping,
they were God’s children, too.

They prayed,
they sang the songs of freedom,
as they marched around the market,
where humans were bought and sold,
they met an angry storm,
of rocks, fists and chains~
chains once held them captive,
used to ensnare again.

On a hot day in June they marched~
this time to the sea.
they prayed for peace,
they prayed as blows rained down upon them~
the slurs, the spittle, the hate.

They marched towards the sea,
as the crowds parted
wading into the ocean,
to be baptized in the waters of freedom.

The ones who tried to follow,
were held back,
watching those liberated,
as they danced and sang with joy,
their canticle of praise,
sung to the heavens,
Freedom Now.

©annettealaine 2013


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