The leaves had been falling for weeks.

The beech leaves change first, from green to gold.

Then the maple, not to be outdone, presents its bright yellow leaves.

The oak tree decides to be different. Burnt orange its color of choice.

Surrounded by the showy display of color, the mighty sycamore stands haughty and majestic.

Its leaves slowly turning from green to dull brown as they fall silently to the ground. The large leaves slowly cover the colorful patchwork covering the lawn.

The beech, the maple, and the oak are now stripped of their beauty. Their barren branches shivering in the cold wind.

But the sycamore’s beauty is now fully revealed in its unadorned branches. Its trunk a mosaic of white and brown patches. Branches reaching high in the bright winter sky to grab the pale yellow lozenge of sun as it moved swiftly across the sky.

Beauty revealed in its simplicity, and its dignity.

© annettealaine-2013



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