Two Years

Jenny thought she had moved on. Weeks would go by and then something- the shadows falling on

the garden, or the smell of fresh baked bread would hit Jenny like a bat to the back of her knees.

Today it was Jim, the UPS guy. Jim had been bringing deliveries by the office for a as long as Jenny had been working here.

He was a nice man, and they often exchange a few words about the weather, or how his favorite college team had fared.

Today Jim was telling Jenny about his upcoming vacation to Florida when his cell phone rang.  He glanced down at

the screen and smiled at Jenny.

“Excuse me, Jenny. I need to take this.”

Jim turned away as he answered the phone.

“Hello, babe.”

Jim’s voice became a sweet caress. Jenny couldn’t hear all the words, but it didn’t matter. She recognized the tender love conveyed in Jim’s voice.

Jenny’s eyes suddenly filled with tears. She remembered when Scott used to talk to her on the phone. His voice got soft and gentle. She had felt cherished and loved.

Jenny turned back to the computer screen, willing the tears back. Two years today. Two years since her husband kissed her goodbye in the wee hours of the morning, as he headed out for his morning run, and she rolled over to catch a another fifteen minutes of sleep. Two years since she answered the door in her robe,  just out of the shower, annoyed that Scott had left his key again. Two years since the Highway Patrolman told her Scott had been hit by a distracted driver while running just five blocks from home. Two years since her world changed forever.

Jenny looked down at her cellphone. She took a deep breath, then picked it up and dialed her voicemail.

“Hey baby.”

© annettealaine-2013


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