September in Florida

Ah, September…

School is back in session. Labor Day weekend has past. Ladies put their open-toed sandals away! No more white shorts, and light colors. Autumn is just around the corner.  Those cool days mean sweaters as you stroll through colorful leaves, the odor of bonfires and apples in the air.

I dream of such a place…

The reality of September in Florida…

It’s still so bloody hot, but the sky has subtly changed. You can tell the earth has tilted and the shadows change. So why don’t we get some relief?  The heat just lingers; cloying humidity keeps your clothes sticking to your back. Air conditioners are the only source of any cool breeze.

The stores are filled with the deeper tones of fall- sweaters, long pants, and suede boots, but you can only look longingly. It’s still weeks before you can change up the wardrobe.

Soon we will gamely put out our fall leaves in arrangements of silk. There’s no fall color in the deep South until December. And the smell of apples? From a scented candle, of course.

Those cute suede boots and sweater will have to wait until the ninety degree temperatures drop- sometime in November.

* with thanks to Mary Wilkinson from Red Room for inspiring this companion blog post.

© annettealaine-2013


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