Just Another Rainy Day

I looked out at the rain,

dripping down the glass,

puddling in the street~

grey skies, and air that feels like a wet sponge.

Humid air,

that closes in around you,

turning hair to frizz,

causing mold to bloom,

and sidewalks to grow slick with black mildew.

Everyone in town looks up at the sky

pumping their fists and shaking their heads in frustration~

twelve days of rain, added to twelve weeks of rain.

I’m dreaming of Autumn~

looking forward to drier days,

filled with bright sunshine

and puffy white clouds that don’t turn gray,

clouds that float across skies that stay vivid blue.

Autumn is still weeks away,

but we all dream of a day without rain.

© annettealaine-2013


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