Spending the last few years with my young adult sons living at home, made me remember how simple my priorities were in my twenties:

– a bed, or a sofa, or a sleeping bag on someone’s floor  to crash

-sleeping late on weekends*

*any time before 10 is considered the crack of dawn

– sexy underclothes

– someone to cuddle up with at night

– enough cash to grab a six-pack or a jug of wine

– good friends

In my maturity my list includes:

– a good night’s sleep*

* no more than one-two wake-ups per night

– a day without indigestion

– underwear that doesn’t creep, ride up, roll down, or pinch

– ditto for clothes

– someone who shares the covers, and moves to their side of the bed when I am having a hot flash.

– great friends

– enough cash to drink good liquor

Funny how that works…

© annettealaine-2013


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