Empty Pitcher

I’m spent….

Emotionally, wrung out.

I never seem to realize just how much of a toll it takes on me, until I sit~

and allow the silence to seep into my pores. 

My mind finally unclenches, and I allow it to wander freely around all of the nooks

and crannies of my random thoughts.


I answer the phone a lot during the day.

I get cold sales calls, wrong numbers, 

requests for support for a cause,

people needing a information~ routine stuff.

But sometimes the phone rings and the person on the other end

is in crisis~ frightened, upset, hoping that I can find them someone to talk to,

to help them, to share their burden.

This week was an unusual week~

a sudden death, someone in deep crisis

numerous people in the hospital and all needed 

my calm voice to reassure them that we were going to help,

someone was coming~

to hold their hands, dry their tears,

bring them hope,

or just be a peaceful presence.

People needed me to convey their fears, anxiety and grief.

I did my very best to reassure, to help both the person on the phone,

and those I work for respond quickly, and with all the information they needed to help.

 Now the week has ended, and this pitcher stands empty. 

Emotionally drained…


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