The Game of Life

A crazy kind of day~

there was the feeling that life was moving too fast,

like one of those sped up videos,

where one person is standing still,

the background flickers as people move in and out of the frame at a breakneck speed.

I wanted to slow, down, to savor the events of the day:

The first day of school for my daughter, a high school sophomore.

Just two more first days left after today.

The kiss goodbye I shared with my husband on the way out of the door

The hot cup of coffee that I gulped down as I dealt with multiple tasks this morning

at work.

But then, the world slowed down and returned to its frame by frame pace as

I sat in a church, and mourned a man,

who lived a life so rich and full.

He was loved by so many for his riches~

not money, or power,

not a fancy car or a nice house.

His treasure was his wife~

his second chance at happiness:

a gift he never squandered.

He was always true to himself,

he didn’t waste time pretending or posturing,

he was kind, but he didn’t suffer fools.

He had suffered great losses,

but carried on with grace and tenderness towards others.

I watched frame after frame of his life as it flashed on the screen above me~

and realized once again that life has an expiration date~

Don’t waste a day.

© annettealaine-2013


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