Good morning all!

I am happy and excited to introduce you to the newest member of my family- Muse.

Muse is my new shiny MacBook Air.

She weighs a stone less than my tired, six year old MacBook, affectionately referred to as, “Old Pal.”

Muse has the clear complexion of a screen that hasn’t seen the touch of greasy fingers, and no food crumbs are lodged between her beautiful black keys.

Those clean, new keys are such a marvel to me. I had literally worn away some of the letters on Old Pal’s keyboard. The “M” was the first to disappear in a white haze, followed by “S, T, N,” and most recently, “L.”

I don’t know if that’s a sign that I work so hard, or a flaw in Old Pal’s design. The Apple Doc at the store was still shaking his head as I left after asking about it. He had never seen anything like it.

So back to singing Muse’s praises. She has a different keyboard so I don’t anticipate the same problems. Last night when I turned Muse on, because I was up at midnight, and decided to try to write something, her keyboard glowed softly, illuminating each darling key. I swear I teared up in gratitude and pride. She can do this all by herself at one day old!

Old Pal’s brain just couldn’t take anymore new information. He was ready to sit in a rocking chair, and recall the good old days, when I used him to send emails, and type resumes, while checking Facebook.

Muse is an eager baby. She has already begun to share her new toys with her cousin, iPhone. They have shared my iTunes library, as well as sync to my Evernote account. I believe they are destined to be lifelong friends.

Muse wants to go places. She can be tanked up for 12 full hours without a pit stop. One charge will last most of the day. She received her first gift: a snazzy, snuggly laptop sleeve, so she is able to ride in comfort from place to place.

Muse is aptly named. I already feel the creative juices flowing as I sit in front of her clean, clear screen. She waits patiently for me to begin tapping gently on her keyboard and I let her choose the music from the library. She knows how to set a mood.

I expect Muse and I will form a very strong bond. Old Pal is quite happy to retire. He is spending time with my daughter, showing her the fun of Photo Booth.

We’re all happy.

© annettealaine-2013


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