One week later, Randy pulled up in Caroline’s front yard. His old pickup truck rattled over the dirt drive in front of the house.

Caro came out on the porch, wiping her hands on her apron and quickly smoothing the loose tendrils of hair that stuck to her forehead. She and her mamma had been canning all day, and she was hot and sweaty.

“Good afternoon, Miss Caroline,” Randy greeted her as he removed his hat and stepped up to the porch.

“Hey, Randy,” Caroline answered shyly.

“I’ve come to ask you to a picture show in town tonight. It’s a John Wayne picture. Have you seen it?” Randy talked all in a rush.

Caro smiled inwardly. Randy seemed a lot less cocky than he was the other day at the church picnic when he declared he would marry her.

“No, I don’t get into town too much,” she answered, “but I would like to go to the pictures with you, if Daddy and Mamma say yes.”

“I just seen your Daddy down at the general store. He gave me permission to come over and ask you.”

Caro’s mother was calling her from inside the house. She came to the screen door still calling her name, just as she spied Randy.

“Well, Randall Jones,” she exclaimed, “what are you doing standing there with no cool glass of tea or lemonade? Shame on you Caroline! Where are your manners?”

Caroline blushed, and bowed her head.

“Please come and sit while I pour you some lemonade Randy,” she said when she recovered her voice.
“Mamma, Randy has asked me to the picture show this evening, and Daddy says it’s alright.”

Caro blushed again as Randy winked at her before he turned to her mother.

“Yes’m, I would love to take your daughter to see the new John Wayne picture tonight, if you don’t mind Miz Brown.”

Caro went quickly into the house, and spent a few precious moments in front of the looking glass in the parlor wiping the shine off her face, and re-pinning her hair. She returned with a pitcher of lemonade, three glasses, and a plate of Mamma’s buttermilk cookies.

Mamma nodded approvingly at Caro as she carefully set the tray on the wicker table. Caroline poured each of them a glass of lemonade and passed the cookies.

Randy balanced his plate and glass in each hand. His eyes twinkled at Caro as he raised his glass and drained the lemonade.
“That surely hits the spot on a hot, summer day, Miss Caroline.”

“I was telling Randy how your Daddy and I used to go to that same theatre to see the talkies long ago when we was courtin,” Mamma explained. “I hope you two have as much fun as we did.”

Caro gave her Mamma a grateful look, then glanced at Randy.
“I’ll be by to pick you up at 7,” he said.

And with a thanks for the lemonade and cookies, he swung off the porch and headed to his truck.

Caro stood and watched him drive away.

“That boy’s serious about you Caroline. You be mighty careful with his feelings.”

And with that Mamma picked up the tray, and went into the house.

© annettealaine-2013

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