Heading West

She emerged from the early evening shadows.

Walking across the gas station parking lot.

The pumps were unnaturally bright against the deep purple twilight.

There was purpose in her stride and  sass  in her walk as she made her way across the lot.

She wore a calico skirt,

and dusty cowboy boots, scuffed and scarred.

Her eyes glittered like two polished stones from beneath

her black Stetson.

Silver and turquoise earrings danced as she walked.

The gas station attendant stopped wiping the windshield as she passed him.

“Evening,” he called, trying to catch her eye.

“Evening,” she answered with a tip of her hat, and a smile.

She arrived at the station and bought her ticket

heading to parts unknown.

Staring out of the bus window as the town receded~

her smile a secret, her eyes a mystery under her cowboy hat.

© annettealaine-2013

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