Failure to Appear

She was excited when the engraved invitation arrived in the mail.

Her exile seemed interminable.

Now a reprieve, a chance to step back into the circle

she had walked away from, after the fall from grace.


In truth, the group had banished her, for the crime of betrayal.

She broke the code of conduct;

stepped out of the suburban mold, broke the rules.

Their punishment was swift and harsh, their fear real.

She exposed their own longings to break free.


The next few weeks involved preparations:

what would she wear that would not offend?

She did not know if she could still speak the language

of suburbia.

A tiny flame of doubt began to burn within her.

Was this invitation a ticket to return to the fold, or

a subpeona to appear before a jury of her peers?


She never found out.

Dressed to kill, she sat paralyzed in fear

on her sofa, alone with her thoughts,

as the clock hands moved,

and the minutes ticked by.

© annettealaine-2013

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