A warm spring night,

I lie in the darkness

while the breeze stirs the white curtains 

into ghostly shapes.


Curtains billow out like a young girl’s dress 

as she spins around,

happy and carefree,

like I used to be.


A car drives slowly down the street,

for a brief instant

music fills the empty space,

then is swallowed up again 

into the darkness.


I am alone with my thoughts.

My loneliness a sheet that

twists and binds me

 as I toss and turn.


Then a sound- pure and clear.

A small trill, a single note.

Man or beast?


A memory intrudes-

a night like this,

entwined limbs,

whispered promises.

The single note our a love song.


But, you are gone,

I am alone.

The song remains,

but the meaning is lost.

© annettealaine-2013



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