Falling Stars

Starlight, star bright

Twinkling lights on scattered

like diamonds on black velvet.

 I’ve always been fascinated with the constellations. As a kid we subscribed to National Geographic. I remember pulling out the poster that displayed the Winter Sky on one side and the Summer Sky on the other. I spent the next few weeks going outside each night to find the constellations.

When I was in college I worked at a tourist attraction and would occasionally help with the planetarium show. I learned a lot about celestial navigation.  I also loved taking a walk on the beach on a moonless night. I could see millions of stars, and on a very clear night, the Milky Way was visible.

As I take my evening walk I try to look up at the stars and pick out the constellations. Last week I saw a falling star and it reminded me of a meteor shower I observed years ago. My son was six years old and very interested in seeing a falling star. He begged me to get him up to watch the stars fall.

I set my alarm for 2am and got my son out of bed. We stood in our backyard and watched the show. We stood gazing up at the black sky that was filled with streaking stars. It was the ultimate light show and we both fell silent with awe at the enormity of nature’s beauty.

As I gaze at the night sky, I am reminded of how life is like a shooting star. It’s up to us to make a our light shine brightly as we streak across the sky.

© annettealaine-2012


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