Faith, Hope, and Joy

A wonderful blog post  by Jill Jepson explains her take on the Christmas story. She explains that her childhood impressions of the Nativity bring fresh meaning to Christ’s birth. Jill focuses on the poverty of the stable, the beauty of the star, the animals in the stable that represent heaven and nature,  and the representation of all humankind in the wise men.

Her beautiful post gave me pause. I have been mulling over the true meaning of Christmas this year, and my focus was on three words: LOVE, HOPE and JOY.

The wonderous LOVE that came down to earth, not just in the manger. LOVE divine manifests itself in so many forms. If  you have ever experienced the pure unselfish love either giving or receiving, that is the Divine personified in my humble belief.

Hope- the human spirit is soaked in hope. No matter how far I fall, how far I stray from my path, hope keeps me going forward.

Joy- there is no spirit (meaning liquor, drugs or other pharmaceuticals) that can replace the heady feeling of pure joy. I can recall many moments of joy- the birth of my children, times with my husband, and those  moments are treasured.

© annettealaine-2012

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