New Christmas

I’m sitting with the cat, a cup of coffee and my laptop on Christmas morning. Husband and I shared a few moments before he left to conduct one more Christmas service today.

Later we will take a long winter’s nap before heading over to his sister’s house for Christmas dinner with his extended family. My three will be with their Dad and his wife for the rest of the day.

Christmas keeps morphing and changing. The kids have grown older,  parents have remarried, and the expectations for the holiday are evolving.

Once upon a time, I created Christmas rituals in order to keep some continuity in our children’s lives. We were moving every two years, and the upheaval of changing cities, homes, and schools was difficult for the kids.

Christmas remained the same. The tree may be standing in a different place, but the familiar ornaments gave it a feeling of permanence. If there was no chimney for Santa to come down, then a magic key was placed on the front door knob, so the jolly elf could leave our gifts.

Santa somehow always found our home, wherever we were. The reindeer left their pieces of chewed carrots all over the front walk, and Mr. Claus never failed to write a personal thank you note, for the delicious cookies and cider or eggnog, on a napkin .

I no longer have small fry waking up to the wonder of gifts left under the tree, but they still get excited about opening up the small wrapped packages stuffed into their stockings.

Some of our traditions have changed over the years; that’s inevitable as we all grow older. But, the spirit and wonder of Christmas is alive in each of us.

© annettealaine-2012

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