Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town

It’s less than five days before Christmas and all is calm around my house. Shopping is finished, cookies are baked, the tree is trimmed, the gifts wrapped. The kids are hanging around the house working on their various projects, and everyone is getting along.

I remember how the waning days before Christmas were very different when the kids were smaller.

The anticipation and excitement began to reach a fevered pitch. My constant reminders that the elves were in the corners watching them had lost its power.

There was a fight over who would open the last of the Advent calendar windows, ditto with who got to blow out the candles on the Advent wreath each night.

I would pull out one of our favorite Christmas videos in the hopes my kids would be inspired by the happy family.  Unfortunately watching “The Homecoming” inspired them alright, they took to calling each other “piss ant” and “crazy.”

But, like the Waltons, come Christmas Eve my children magically dropped their sibling rivalry and became perfect, loving kids.

They would help each other prepare cookies and carrots for Santa and his reindeer. They would sit patiently while Mommy read The Night Before Christmas. The oldest would assist the youngest with hanging her stocking. Each child went to bed without protest for their long winter night’s slumber. 

And when I saw the look of wonder, joy and excitement light up their faces Christmas morning, all thoughts of their previous behavior faded away.

© annettealaine-2012

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