Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

I was goofing around on You Tube tonight listening to some old Christmas classics. Everyone loves certain Christmas songs, but we all have our favorite Christmas albums.

When I was a kid, my parents had an interesting mix of Christmas Albums and cassette tapes. Think back to a time before satellite radio, iPods, and local stations playing Christmas music 24/7. We would hear a few Christmas songs a week before Christmas, so building your own collection made sense.

I remember when Mom bought two bargain albums at the local Dart Drug. She found Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Christmas Album. I think I loved that album more than anyone else. My favorite song was, The Bell That Couldn’t Jingle. Many years later, I taught that song to my first graders.

The other album she bought was Jackie Gleason’s Happy Holidays. Very soothing, elevator- like music, but beloved nonetheless. My sisters and I liked to turn off all the lights and stare at the Christmas tree glowing while listening to this album.

One of the things I missed most of all, as a young adult on my own, was the sounds of those two albums playing throughout the house. For years I searched for them and struck pay dirt years later when my first son was a toddler.

It’s a tradition to play those records (now CD’s) at Christmas time. We have added some of our own musical traditions over the years. A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rhino Records Christmas, A Midnight Clear (the funky, fun CD by my husband and his best friend.)

Now I am buying copies of those Christmas CD’s for my sons. They will soon be venturing out on their own- to experience life away from home. One sitting in his dorm, the other sitting in his apartment; they can turn out the lights, turn on a little Charlie Brown Christmas, and watch the Christmas lights glow.

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