Hey,hey, hey Goodbye…

Saying goodbye is always hard.

Three years ago, after twenty-six months of grueling job searches, disappointments and periods of underemployment, I finally caught a break. I fell into a job teaching at a brand new charter school.

I’ve enjoyed sharing the trials and tribulations of working at the craziest place ever, with some truly amazing people. We are the warriors- those of us who have been working her since the school opened. I’ve also met new friends who have joined us later, but share the same jaundiced view of the whole, stinking mess.

Don’t get me wrong, these people are dedicated, caring and immensely talented teachers, but the system wears you down, the kids suck you dry, and the company sells you out to the highest bidder.

And yet, we get up everyday, and go in determined to make a difference. We work for less, file twice the paperwork, and are held to higher expectations than our public school peers.

We support each other, and keep each other pumped up in the face of mediocrity and almost daily disaster.

We laugh, we joke, we sigh, and when all else fails- we cry.

And most of all- we celebrate the good things going on in our lives, even when it means that another great teacher walks away from the chaos and leaves the rest behind.

Today was my turn.

My lucky number is up, and I am escaping the chaos and confusion.

Goodbyes are difficult, but they are easier when your friends are truly happy for your good fortune.

© annettealaine-2012

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