Winter Solstice of the Soul

In the dark stillness, one receives the grace of renewal and the chance to become reacquainted with our soul’s deepest desires, our true selves.

In the ancient world, when winter darkness descended, people feared the sunlight would never return. So they built a giant bonfire on the shortest day of the year and prayed for the sunlight to return. The Winter Solstice was about waiting patiently in the darkness until the light returned. Spring was truly a sign of re-birth and renewal.

 I used to fear the darkness, the physical absence of light in my world. As a child, I would not stay alone in a dark room without a nightlight. Now, as an adult, I know there is no bogeyman hiding in the dark.  It’s the psychic darkness that I need to fear. The darkness of despair and hopelessness.

 Having encountered that profound darkness, I know how deeply the soul cries for light, for the smallest  flicker of hope. We crave a nightlight of reassurance that this darkness will not last forever. We wait and we hope that the light will soon return.

 The lessons I’ve learned from my own experience with the profound darkness of the spirit is that sometimes one must accept, and be patient while one sit in the darkness in order to be dazzled and truly thankful for the eventual return of the light.

© annettealaine-2012


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