Muddy Waters

The long vacation has given me plenty of time to read, reflect, ponder, and write, write, write.

In the wonderful book, Breakfast with Buddha, the wise man, Rinpoche, explains that the mind is like a glass of water filled with dirt. We must let the dust settle into the bottom of the glass in order to regain clarity.

That is exactly how I describe my own mind. It was filled with the muddy water of competing thoughts. The break gave my mind time to rest. I was able to clear my brain of its stressful chatter, and listen.

The result? A lot of new insights, a pen that flew across the pages of my journal, and poems that came to me in a flash.

How I wish that I could keep my mind free of all of the stress, the minutiae that piles up day after day, the endless cycle of worry over stuff I cannot change.

In the meanwhile, there are only fourteen days until the next long vacation break!

© annettealaine-2012

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