Happy Thanksgiving

A blogger friend is posting a daily mantra. One word each day that motivates him to push farther, hang in there, and keep everything in perspective.

My mantra today is borrowed from the great Annie Lamott:

“I’m going to keep things simple today. Left foot, right foot, left foot, breathe. “

Sounds simple, right? But holidays and the collision of extended family members, crammed together in my parent’s small house, can create a lot of chaos.

I am content to just allow this day to unfold with no real expectations. I am traveling because this means so much to my kids, to spend time with their cousins. As the kids have grown older, their contact time together has decreased dramatically. This generation is now in high school, college and beyond. There are only a few young ones left.

I remember the joy of seeing cousins and spending time with them. We often hosted a holiday meal and filled our little house to bursting with people of all ages. As kids, we loved the chaos, noise and confusion. The grown-ups seemed to enjoy each other after a few egg nogs or Harvey Wallbangers loosened them up.

Either way, the memories are very precious to me. I want my kids to maintain relationships with their cousins. One day my siblings and I will be the elders, and our kids will be getting together to celebrate with their own families. That’s how it should be.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

© annettealaine-2012

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