Peaceful, Easy Feelings

I’ve been collecting photos from friends that show the bright beauty of Autumn. Today I was surprised to see many photos of the substantial snow falling in the mountain regions of North Carolina and Tennessee. These are places I have visited and often envision when I dream of living some place other than Florida.

I have two favorite scenarios. In the first I am walking along a mountain road on a cool autumn evening. The smell of leaves burning in the distance  fills me with nostalgic memories of my childhood. I notice jack ‘o lanterns on porches, and warm lights shining through the windows as darkness falls. A riot of red, orange and yellow leaves surround me as I walk. I sift through them with my feet and stare at them framing the violet sky.

It’s snowing. The fat white flurries fall from a gun-metal gray sky. The dark, bare branches of the trees frame the sky. They remind me of a charcoal sketch on a white background. The world has slowed, and the silence is deep. If you listen closely you can hear the soft swish of snowflakes brushing the window panes. I stand at the window of my cottage kitchen dressed in a heavy sweater with thick socks on my feet. My hands are warmed as I gently hold my cup of coffee. The stark contrast of my warm kitchen and the cold beauty outdoors fills me with peace.

© annettealaine-2012


One thought on “Peaceful, Easy Feelings

  1. My favorite part about snow was always hearing the flakes hit the ground in Connecticut. Sometimes in Massachusetts I could hear that as well. It was the most peaceful sound in the world; no cars, no noises or music; just flakes hitting flakes hitting flakes, and sometimes gentle rustling leaves. Last year it even snowed before they fell, which for a few days provided some stark contrasting beauty with the white snow on the bright fiery leaves. Amazing.

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