Nurturing Nature

Retreat: a form of pause- a time apart in solitude. a precious space in which we can see our world in a different light.

~ Joan Anderson

When I enter a retreat space, I usually look for a space outdoors.  I crave the sunlight, and the cool breeze. Outside, I reconnect to the Spirit of Wisdom, Ruah, as I’m cradled in her warm womb.

I’ve always done my best thinking, and creating outdoors. My favorite retreat spot was my swing, attached to a beautiful sycamore tree in our backyard. I spent hours creating fanciful stories, little poems and singing songs as I tried to stretch my toes to the sky above my head.

Outdoors my imagination ran wild. Our picnic table became a covered wagon on the way west to greater adventures. Hiding under the teeter-totter, I imagined I was in my own cottage in the woods. I would make a pallet and read my library book, dreaming of faraway places. My bike became a magical machine capable of taking me back in time. I peddled down the road to meet Pocahontas, Dolley Madison, and Abigail Adams.

I sit outdoors today, enjoying the hint of Autumn in the breeze, and open my journal. I hear Wisdom whisper in my ear, “come home dear child. Come rest in me.”

© annettealaine-2012


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