The Promise

I awoke to gray.

The drab sky matched my leaden feet as I entered the office. It’s hard to stay motivated when the vision turns cloudy,and the dreams of a better year are slowly turning to dust.

I was granted a slight reprieve, and left early for a meeting elsewhere. I drove through the streets; the asphalt and the sky reflect the same mousy shade.

I sat at a traffic light staring through my dirty windshield, unfocused and lost in thought, when I caught a faint glimpse of color in the corner of my eye.  I swiveled my head and stared at the unexpected beauty. Golden Rain Trees were standing out in sharp relief against the tired green and gray. Yellow petals and red blossoms gave the appearance of bright autumn leaves.

My eye greedily drank in all of the beauty nestled within the abandoned lot. I saw a glimmer of hope. Those trees were a promise of things to come.

I drove away with a lighter heart.

© annettealaine-2012


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