Light my Fire

When I was unemployed I would have days of inertia. I believed that nothing was going to change. I was stuck in my version of Groundhog Day. My mind played a continuous loop of, I can’t make anything work. 

Usually after hiding in this black hole for a couple of days, I would emerge, blinking at the light, ready to make things happen.

I would be filled with new purpose, renewed energy, and the unshakeable belief that I could control my destiny.

I’m tired of the chaos that surrounds my current gig, and I am ready to move on. I’m very grateful to be working, but I am beginning to realize that a paycheck is not enough to keep me content. I am vacillating between the inertia that previously dragged me down,  and the high energy of taking control of my life.

I believe in signs. Today I read a great quote that gave me a boost of creative energy: ” the only way out of a hole, is to climb out.”

I think that needs to be my mantra for the duration of this particular time of change. A fire has been lit, deep in my gut, and I am now consumed with the conviction that it’s time for a change.


*quote by Cheryl Strayed

© annettealaine-2012

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