Passing the Torch

Transition time is a series of bittersweet moments. If the mirror didn’t constantly remind me that time is marching on, then

my kids are marking my time with each new milestone.

This early afternoon, my daughter and I went to the mall in search of a dress for homecoming. She attends an Arts Magnet, so there is no football team, but the tradition of homecoming is still celebrated.

My daughter is getting closer to fifteen each day, and she is quite beautiful.  When we are out together, heads turn. It’s amusing how oblivious she is to the looks from guys. The torch has been passed to the younger, fresher face.

We walked around Forever 21, and while she scoured the racks for cute dresses, I indulged in my favorite past time- people watching.

My daughter choses her selections, and headed to the dressing room alone. Soon, she called me into the dressing area to check out her favorite choice.

As she stood there on her tip toes admiring her reflection from all angles, I was filled with joy and sadness. I can’t believe how quickly my baby girl has grown.

I can’t believe how quickly my own life is passing.

Life is bittersweet…

© annettealaine-2012 


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