Creating a Writing Life

So, with all of the insights and observation. All of the advice and tools shared at the conference, the question remains:

How do I create a writing life?

How do I arrange my life so I can write? It usually comes down to time and money.

I need to make enough money to support my family. Right now that means a full-time position. The first paradigm shift for me post- unemployment period was recognizing that I am no longer looking for a career, but a job to sustain me while I pursue my passion.

My current job actually sucks a lot of my energy since it is very demanding work. Eventually I would like to make better decisions about future jobs that will make writing possible. As author Diana Abu-Jaber stated in her presentation, “base all work related decisions on your passion.”

The second insight that will help me create a life of writing is finding emotional support. Writers need other writers. We need to be connected to others who support our efforts. A writer’s group can as Abu-Jaber said, “will help you say and write exactly the thing we are afraid to say or write” 

To join a writer’s group is the next big step for me. I will expose myself and my writing will be critiqued and scrutinized. That’s a giant risk, but we cannot create in a vacuum. The need to share and learn from others, while supporting each other is invaluable.

The bottom line is: any creative life takes, time, commitment, and self-discipline. No matter what you do to earn your daily bread, you must make your passion your priority.

© annettealaine-2012 


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