The Process of Becoming Different

Change: The process of becoming different.


Some changes are your choice, some are not.

All involve a mind shift, a new way of seeing things.

Change can happen slowly, an evolution of ideas until you reach a new level of understanding.

Change can be abrupt, coming out of left field to blind side you.

Change can be like a software update,

it’s subtle and hopefully helpful.

Change can leave us in a dark room searching for the door.

We can embrace change, or be pulled kicking and screaming into our new reality.

Change can take a lot of soul-searching before you act. Once you choose, change can have a domino effect on all aspects of your life.

It’s often difficult to decide whether change will be worth all of the fallout. We can sit and ponder until the universe makes up its mind for us.

Transition time is filled with change. Our bodies are changing, our lifestyles change, our children grow up and leave, and we face the fact that our time on earth is finite.


Change: to transform, convert, or to modify. To pass gradually into.

© annettealaine-2012 



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