Paddle Your Own Canoe

The tides are shifting, again. There are forces in the universe that are aligning to create another change in my life.

It’s all good. I am getting quite deft at negotiating the river of my life. At least now I am paddling a canoe, or is it kayak? There were times in the past few years I felt like I had been dumped into the rapids without a life jacket.

Transition time brings about changes, but they often happen in fits and starts. Life can be easy to navigate as we paddle through the calm, clear waters. As we head around the bend, we can spot trouble up ahead. A log jam may block our path. We stop, get out, and stand on the bank  as we try to figure it out.

Do we turn back? Do we look for a small clearing, and paddle through with our heads down and pray that we make it to the other side? Do we carry our kayak, and trudge along, hoping we can set this burden down soon, and get back into the water? Do we sit and wait for others to come along and show us the way? Do we give up completely?

When faced with an obstacle in my path, I have tried all of the above. I’ve steered clear of the obstacle blocking my way. I’ve carried my burden for long periods of time looking desperately for a place to set it down. I’ve had loved ones, and strangers come along at times, and show me the way.  And sometimes I’ve sat down weary, tired ,and defeated, and just given up.

There is no one answer, no one way to travel the river of life. Each person’s journey is unique, filled with twists and turns, beauty and ugliness, calm streams and raging waters. The secret is to keep paddling, and don’t forget to look around and enjoy your surroundings.

© annettealaine-2012


3 thoughts on “Paddle Your Own Canoe

  1. Stumbled across your blog today and it made me smile. I went kayaking yesterday for the first time and loved it! During this time of rough waters in my life I will just keep paddling till I get to the calm. Thanks for the reminder.

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