Sick Days

It was a day spent in acute discomfort. I have an infection, and the body was on high alert as it fought the alien bacteria cells in the body.

My body was feverish, I felt pain, and my blood pressure shot up as I struggled to concentrate at work. It’s hard to do.

I felt like I was swimming in cloudy water. I was trying to see clearly, but everything was opaque and slightly out of focus.

Transition time often produces similar feelings. As I search for new meanings, or look for new paths, I am sometimes filled with a discomfort that I can’t shake.  I worry over it, trying to figure it out , as all of my energy is directed towards that problem.

As I feel my anxiety levels rise, I feel my heart quickening as my body responds to the stress.

I have to remind myself to take calming breaths, to let the problem go, to let nature take its course. When we are ill, we allow our bodies to fight off the intruder.

In times of inner turmoil, we need to calm down, and let time heal those wounds.

© annettealaine-2012


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