The First Day of School

The night before the first day of school. I share this post from last August. It’ one of my favorite stories.

On the eve of my twelfth year as a classroom teacher I want to share a brief note that was sent to me this evening.

First a little background. Twenty-seven years ago I was beginning my first year as an elementary school teacher. A few weeks into the school year, my assignment changed from teaching 4th grade to teaching Kindergarten. I was out of my comfort zone. I had no prior experience with kindergartener.

Twenty-eight little five and six-year olds were in my care for six and a half hours a day. With the help of my terrific teacher’s aide, Barbara, we somehow muddled through the year.

Teachers never publicly admit to having favorites, but I had a couple of students who were really special. Miss G.J came in each day with a sunny smile and a side ponytail of curly blonde hair. I never forgot her zest for learning.

A year ago, I stumbled upon G.J. on Facebook and sent her a note. She was thrilled to hear from her old kindergarten teacher. We’ve been keeping up with each other’s lives ever since.

Tomorrow, Ms. G.J. begins her career as a teacher. She is very excited and eager to begin. Here is the note she sent me today:

“I was thinking of my first day of kindergarten as I prepared my lesson plans. Thanks for being an awesome teacher who truly made a lasting impression on my life! I pray that I am able to deliver half as good as Ms.Talbert on Tuesday morning:) Xoxo GJ”

That’s why I teach…

© annettealaine-2012


2 thoughts on “The First Day of School

  1. How special that you could reconnect with her. Those words and notes from former students are the sweetest pay we could ever receive:)

    And, major pats on the back for doing kindergarten. The longest days of my life were subbing in K and 1st. 8th grade is much more my style!

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