Inner Guidance

I’ve been doing some remedial research in response to my last post on girls and body image. I recommend two books:

Raising a Daughter, by Jeanne and Don Elium. This book gives invaluable advice and insight as to how our daughters think, act, and feel at different stages of their young lives.

As a young girl enters her teen years, the authors we help our daughters develop, and nurture a healthy inner guidance system. When we help girls learn to trust their inner voices, their feeling/intuition:

“she can develop an uncommon clarity, to help her to develop the ability to get outside herself. Girls learn to size things up, and make decisions about her self and her surroundings. Often she takes a stance and develops the beginnings of a life theme.

The authors go on to reveal that according Dr. Emily Hancock a psychologist and researcher, many women in their middle years (the transition years), have lost touch with their own inner guidance system. 

Sound familiar? We suppress our feelings, we ignore the little voice, and we then make poor decisions. Perhaps we feel so stirred up during our transition years because we finally realize something is missing. We realize that we no longer know who we are, because we have lost our life’s theme.

In order to raise healthy daughters we have to rediscover our own inner guidance system. We need to stop suppressing our feelings and start speaking up. To trust our instincts and taking a stand, whether it is for ourselves or others. Our daughters, and all the young women in our lives deserve nothing less.

© annettealaine-2012


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