Virus Scan for Life

My daughter was complaining about the family computer this afternoon. After logging on I noticed that the desktop needed cleaning up, and a virus scan was overdue. As the system ran its check through thousands of files, it isolated some things to  dump later.

Watching the program do its thing, got me thinking about our lives in general. How often do we clean up our own desktops? Are we afraid to tackle the clutter in our lives and get rid of the parts that aren’t functioning well?

Perhaps we should take a page from our computers and periodically perform a scan of our lives. Am I treating myself with care? Am I becoming bogged down with too many responsibilities? Do I need to isolate some of the destructive, negative people or situations in my life? Are there activities that I no longer enjoy? Can I let go of those activities so I can make room for new experiences and challenges?

Since the school year is a fresh start for me, I am going to perform my own maintenance scan this week. I’m going to let go of the attitudes and behaviors that slow me down, and take up too much of my precious energy. I’m going to avoid the naysayers, and chronic complainers, and spread a smile around.

I’m going to clean off my desk top and only keep the tools and the ideas that work, discarding all of the methods that no longer run with efficiently.

I’m going to post a note on my calendar to perform my routine scan throughout the school year, and re-boot whenever necessary.

© annettealaine-2012


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