How I Spent my Summer Vacation

I’m in the countdown mode. Only ten days of freedom remain before I am hitched to the plow, and pulling that heavy workload again.

This has been a good summer. The best I’ve had in many years. I started my summer break with a trip to Georgia with my two sons. The time together was rare, and very enjoyable as we toured son #2’s college.

I attended a couple of workshops that weren’t the usual waste of my time. I learned more about brain development, learning styles, and how to empower teachers with tools to help all kids learn better.

I took a road trip with my parents to attend my Aunt’s 80th birthday. I loved spending time with my folks, listening to their stories. It was wonderful reconnecting with my cousins and meeting their families.

I did some cleaning and organized my new writing space. I will admit that I don’t sit at my desk everyday, but just walking into the room and seeing my beautiful desk with all of my totems arranged calms me, and reminds me to go write.

Oh, and I wrote- everyday, and I wrote a lot. I even put a very short story down on paper. It was a new feeling, writing fiction. I fell into a zone, and the story wrote itself. What a cool feeling!

I’ve read books all summer, sometimes juggling three at a time. For the last few years, books had to take a backseat to all of the other distractions that were clamoring for my attention.

There is one last hurrah before the school bell rings. My husband has surprised me with a mini trip this week. Four days alone with no kids, no cat, and no worries.

I”ll send you a postcard!

© annettealaine-2012


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