The Fruits of Our Labors

We went to the Farmer’s market this morning. I walked through the aisles checking stall after stall for good things to eat. We bought red baby potatoes, fresh white corn on the cob, bright red vine-ripe tomatoes, and green tomatoes, too.

There is a wonderful feeling you get walking through a farmer’s market. It’s a very different experience from the refrigerated aisles of the produce section at the local grocery store. The smells of soil and sunshine on the vegetables. The sweet smell of peaches and bananas ripening in the sun. The friendly vendors are a mix of various cultures and languages. The only thing missing was a fresh flower stall. I wanted to bring home a bouquet of summer flowers to brighten my mood, and our table.

Walking around the market I was struck by the sheer abundance of food displayed. We are so blessed to live in a country where our soil is rich and we have enough water to grow fruits and vegetables. We are so lucky that fresh food is readily available and we have  the freedom and the access to this bounty. Blessed be those who work the land, sowing and reaping each harvest. Our farmers, large and small, are to be commended for their tireless toil in the fields.

We often take these things for granted- our food, water, and the land itself. We should be more appreciative and better stewards of these gifts. One day, we may not be as fortunate.

© annettealaine-2012


One thought on “The Fruits of Our Labors

  1. It is great that you are sharing the gratitude and appreciation for being able to take part in a farmer’s market. That’s wonderful 🙂 I keep meaning to check out the ones here in Austin and haven’t yet, but this is good motivation to do so! I miss the smells!

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