Road Trip

I went on a road trip with my two sons this week. I know that there won’t be too many opportunities in the future to take a trip with them.

We drove to Georgia to attend my second son’s college orientation. The trip took a little over three hours and for forty-eight hours, we were together the entire time. The things we learn on a road trip!

We laughed at the strange billboards, enjoyed classic rock music, and shared stories. My son was apprehensive about his roommate and his declared major. Oldest son and I did our best to distract him. We noted the beauty of the campus, the lake and golf course.

Back at the hotel room, we found silly shows on tv, and ate candy. We laughed and talked of the past, staying in hotels when they were young. The boys remembered kicking each other out of the beds, wrestling, telling stories in the dark ,and the thrill of being the hotel “key holder.”

The next day went on at a harried pace. We listened to speakers, met his roommate, and toured the dorms. Second boy was happy and relieved that his roommate and the whole college was awesome.

Both young men fell asleep on the drive back home. Memories of vacations past; my boys, now men, trusting that Mom will bring them home safe and sound.

© annettealaine-2012


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